About us

Inhaus is a boutique building company based in Nelson, New Zealand, specialising in personalised service with a focus on lifestyle.  From smaller homes to large, luxury homes Inhaus can cater to all your needs!

Inhaus believes that building your home should be an enjoyable experience, and their high number of awards indicate that they deliver not only on quality, but also on superb service!

Owners Russell and Tanya Campbell have been in the building business since 1987. Russell's previous training as a joiner give him an eye for quality and attention to detail, and these skills have been invaluable in his hands-on approach to his building business. Tanya's extensive experience as an interior designer is also a huge asset and Russell's knowledge of the industry means he is able to assist his clients with all aspects of the building process, including Council consents.

Russell and Tanya are especially proud that their son Shaun has now joined them in the Inhaus business and was also awarded the National Apprentice of the Year title in 2015. Shaun's eye for detail and design is often commented on by clients.

Inhaus homes are easily recognisable for their style, quality and excellent designs. Clients frequently comment on how enjoyable and hassle-free all stages of the building process is. This is reflected in the fact that most of their business comes through word of mouth.

Inhaus has an apprentice training programme, administered through BCITO, and takes pride in ensuring their apprentices are fully trained in all aspects of construction from setting out a foundation to installing door locks. Russell and Tanya feel that this is important for the future of the building industry to product quality tradesmen and women. At present Inhaus has three apprentices.

Russell is also a member of the Nelson Registered Master Builders committee and is the current president for the Nelson Area.

Inhaus Developments are Registered Master Builders in Nelson, New Zealand